Architectural Control Committee (ACC)

The purpose of the ACC is to assure that any improvement, installation, construction or alteration of any structure on any lot; the maintenance of structures and lots; the landscaping/hardscaping of any lot; and all other provisions of the Declaration and the Design Standards are in accordance with the Declaration, in conformity and harmony with the standards of the neighborhood, and with the Standards established by the ACC. Interior alterations are not subject to ACC review. Enforcement of ACC Design Standards is the responsibility of the Board as set forth in Article V. of the Bylaws.

Making Changes? Here's the Process:

WHEN TO SUBMIT PLANS FOR APPROVAL – Please submit a ACC Review Form for approval when you are making any alterations, modifications, or improvements to your home or lot. Examples include: building an addition, changing your home's paint scheme, or adding a fence. Use the Design Guidelines as a reference when making changes.

HOW TO SUBMIT IMPROVEMENT PLANS FOR APPROVAL – During the design stage of a proposed improvement, a Request for Proposed Improvement Review form ("ACC Review Form") must be submitted by the property owner to the Board. Forms are available here. NO IMPROVEMENTS SHALL BEGIN BEFORE ACC APPROVAL IS GRANTED IN WRITING.

In addition to the ACC Review Form, supporting documentation should be provided including, but not limited to: site drawings, photographs or drawings of planned structures, material or color samples, landscape plans, or any other data to convey the necessary information. Incomplete information or documentation could result in rejection of the application.

THE APPROVAL PROCESS – The ACC has fourteen (14) calendar days to review the ACC Review Form. The homeowner will be notified if additional information is required. The homeowner will be notified in writing (via email) of the Board's decision. Verbal approval, either by an ACC member or a member of the Board is not sufficient.

Please remember that ACC approval of a project does not relieve the homeowner of responsibility of maintaining compliance with all applicable codes, zoning, permitting and other governmental requirements.

WHEN NOT TO SUBMIT AN APPROVAL FORM – The following exterior modifications, and only these modifications, do not require an ACC Review Form to be submitted:

  • Flag Poles (4 ft. in length or height and less)

  • Children's Wading Pools (temporary)

  • Minor Landscaping Changes under $1,000 including:

  • Ornamental Trees and Shrubbery

  • Seasonal Landscaping and Color

  • Sod or Reseeding Lawn

  • Painting or Roofing without Color or Style Change

  • Seasonal Lighting (No more than thirty (30) days before the holiday and no longer than ten (10) days after the holiday)