Clubhouse Reservation

To make a Clubhouse reservation, CSHA members must do the following:

Contact the Clubhouse Manager, reserve date/time for the function and pay the appropriate usage fee.

If deemed necessary by the Clubhouse Manager, pay a $100.00 security deposit. If the average age of the group for the function is between 15 and 21, a security deposit of $200.00 may be required. The deposit will be fully refunded if the Clubhouse is found clean and in the same condition as it was prior to the private function. A deduction will be made from the security deposit for any damages, cleaning or repair costs incurred as a result of the private function or party. Any such damages, cleaning or repair costs which exceed the amount of the security deposit shall be the liability of the CSHA member reserving the Clubhouse (the “Renter”) and must be paid immediately (and in no event later than thirty (30) days after an itemization of said costs are provided to the Renter).

All checks for security deposits and/or usage fees are to be made payable to “Chestnut Springs Homeowners Association”.

Properly open, operate and close the Clubhouse under the “Clubhouse Procedures” with attached Clubhouse Rules and Regulations.

All attendees (CSHA members and guests) must adhere to the Clubhouse Rules and Regulations.

The Renter must be present at the function. A CSHA member may not reserve the Clubhouse for a third party function, which he/she does not plan to attend. The Renter cannot leave the function until all his/her guests have left and the property is secure.

One adult (21 or older) must be present in the Clubhouse for every 20 persons when the average age of the group is 21 years or younger. At least one of these adults must be the Renter.

The Renter is responsible for any damages and/or necessary cleaning costs resulting from the reserved function. CSHA or anyone affiliated with it is not liable for any items brought to the Clubhouse or left at the Clubhouse following any activity.

At the end of the private function, the Renter must remove all items and property of the Renter and his/her guests. Keys must be returned immediately to the clubhouse manager.