Pool Rules

  • Recreational members in good standing and approved guests only may use the pool.

  • No swimming when Lifeguard is not present.

  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult.

  • No swimming by people with communicable diseases, open sores, or infectious eye diseases.

  • Proper swimming apparel only, no cutoffs.

  • Non potty-trained children must wear diapers and rubber pants while in pool.

  • Only children that have passed the official swim test are allowed in the deep end of the pool.

  • Persons under 21 must exit the pool during the hourly break.

  • No diving in water less than 5 feet deep.

  • No running or rough play.

  • No hanging or sitting on the pool rope.

  • No more than 1 person at a time on the pool ladder.

  • No profanity, harassment, improper behavior, or intoxication.

  • No glass containers.

  • No chewing gum or tobacco.

  • No rafts. Other flotation devices and pool toys may be limited in use by the Lifeguard.

  • No bicycles, tricycles, skates, or skateboards.

  • No tennis or golf balls.

  • No pets.

Lifeguards and Pool Manager have full authority to enforce rules and maintain safety and discipline.

Pool Discipline Policy
Lifeguards and Pool Manager have full authority to enforce rules, determine violations and impose penalties.


Class I violations: Conduct in violation of Pool Rules


Class I Penalty
1st Offense - Warning
2nd Offense - Timeout for up to 30 minutes
3rd Offense - Expulsion for 24 hours


Class II Violations: Conduct that endangers others or property or is overly offensive.


Class II Penalty
Expulsion until Parent and Pool Manager Conference.

Non-Compliance with a penalty becomes the next offense.
Violations are recorded and reported to Pool Manager.
Expelled offenders are subject to additional penalties as determined by the Homeowners Board.

Pool Guest Policy
Residents of Chestnut Springs who are not recreational members can not use the pool as guests. All guests must sign in with the Lifeguard.
All guests must be accompanied at all times by a recreational member unless otherwise authorized by Pool Manager.
Visits by local guests can not exceed 2 per month. Visits by out-of-town guests staying with recreational members are not limited.